Panoramik Asansör

Panoramik Asansör

Panoramik Asansör

- Lifts are technological devices that enable carrying human and materials from one point to another.Generally, the lifts carry on their duties to transport vertically but there are also other types which do it horizontally to provide easiness while working.Lifts have different type of designs.The differences of their design types can change according to the purpose of use.

- For example, freight lifts are focused more on functionality instead of comfort.Those lifts are the ones used in the services which are used to lift cars, carrying the construction materials in construction areas or waste materials. Lifts have different structural types. Those are known as the ones which aren’t required to have engine rooms, electrical lifts,hydraulic lifts and moncharge lifts. But now, we will share information about our main topic: panaromic lifts.

- Panoramic lifts are the lifts which are used to carry human between the floors in some of the higher structures. Because of the reason that their cabins are made solely from glass, they add an aestethical beauty to the structures they are built in.

- Because of the reason that panoramic lifts are framed by glass, they enable the users to observe the environment while enjoying a spacious cabin. This type of lifts are preferred very often at the outer side of the buildings because of the visual beauty they provide.This shows that the lifts not just provide easiness to carry weights, they are also used to carry human.We depicted before that there are core reasons for the lifts having structural differences.

- In this case, it is normal that the lifts used to carry patients in the hospitals and the lifts which are used to carry weights have structural differences.The lifts which are used inside of the structures can also be used at the outside of them. The lifts which are called panoramic lifts are the ones used outside of the structures.Panoramic lifts are the ones which are used very often in the open air, shopping malls and another similar types of areas.The most important specification of the panoramic lifts which separate them from the other lifts which are used to carry human is that the rear and side of them are made solely from glass.This type of structural difference is preferred when the priority is to make them more good looking and it is more appealing.

- Panoramic lifts are not only produced for very small areas but can be produced for different kinds of capacities.For example they can be designed to be suitable for a specific climbing speed in very high structures or structures which require them to have higher carrying speeds.Apart from the situations in which a higher speed is needed, there might be a demand for comfort as well. In this situation, the designes which include speed,comfort and sensitivity all together are used. Panoramic lifts can have those specifications all together.

- Panoramic lifts are high-class elevators which add elegance to the structures they are built in.They can be designed electrical, hydraulic or without an engine room.We, as Yuka Elevators, provide panoramic lifts and package materials services in Turkey as well as globally.For your package material orders, you can contact with us.

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