In the lifts, no matter how good quality the materials used are, if not montaged carefully and attentive, malfunctions and errors start to occur very often. Basically, the malfunctions caused by the montage mistakes of the lifts are hard to detect and require a lot of money to correct and it puts the people who are responsible for the mistakes in hard positions. The times when you try to correct those kinds of mistakes, there often occur new types of problems. Although, there is no reason for a lift to make errors when its projecting done well, studied and montaged carefully(only if periodically maintenance is done in the right time). Our company, which is aware of this reality, makes extremely great effort when the montage is done. Our company avoids the future malfunctions by making the best of the given time; doing the controls and investigations properly when doing the montage of the elevator. No matter where the building site is, the lift montage is controlled by our authorized staff when the periodical time comes; if exist, the reasons causing the delaying of the work are investigated and the precautions are taken on time in order to get rid of those kinds of problems . As a result of this meticilious type of work ethics, the lifts can be provided even before the time written on the contract and we have the satisfaction of having new friends who are happy to have their beautiful elevators that work healthy and properly.