In order to use your lifts safely, you have to do it’s maintenance needed on it’s periodical time. The maintenance enables your lifts and their peripheral units to have a longer life and makes them safer to use. As Yuka Elevators, with our malfunctions, maintenance and service network based in Ankara, with our quick and qualified work ethics of service based on customer satisfaction, we service with our expert staff who are trained and have the experience of long years. Our lifts might have malfunctions due to the mistakes of usage, the erosion of the materials and lack of maintenance. In those type of undesired situations, our company can provide emergency repairment service to the buildings which have periodical maintenance contracts with us.By improving our quality management system, with our principles of having educated personel and quality products, it is our essential company vision and quality mentality to provide maximum customer satisfaction and provide satisfaction to all our customers. Our maintenance-malfunction service is always in our customers’ service in order to let our customers reach to us through telephone, e-mail and fax.We continue to give our services in order to provide the safest and the best quality to our customers with our large service options which can be received throughout whole Ankara, our mechanical and electrical engineers, our technical personel who are experts in their areas and our vehicle and equipment group.It is our maintenance mentality to produce lifts which do not create malfunctions and only require periodical maintenance (such as resolving material erosions, greasing, frazzle, damages caused by usage). Content of the maintenance services provided: *maintenance service which is to be determined by the type of the elevator *Emergency response to the malfunctions *Spare part guarantee *Technical inspections following in the official authorities. *Within Contract agreement, %100 guarantee maintenance, except some of the parts, adding to the normal maintenance, repairment and supply of the parts if cause malfunction.