Engelli Asansörü

Engelli Asansörü

Engelli Asansörü

- Lifts for disabled, are the lifts designed to provide easiness for disabled people when climbing the stairs which can be understood from it’s name. Lifts for disabled, which is especially used in private areas, are also called “stair lift”.A lot of people think of the standard lifts which have wheelchair signs on them when they hear of lifts for disabled.Although those lifts called lifts for disabled have no difference from the standard lifts and have no special features for disabled.Lifts for disabled,which are more specific compared to the ones have wheelchair signs on them, are used in places like homes, working places and villas.They are designed according to the specifications and locations of the stairs in the areas in which they are intended to be used.Here are the specifications of the lifts for disabled which primarily have to types: disabled chair type and platform type;

- Wheelchair type of lifts: they are designed separately for straight stairs and spiral staircase.These systems which can be produced single or double railed, are quite easy to used.

- Platform type of lifts: those kind of systems which are suitable for wheelchair use can be easily montaged to any kinds of stairs. They are quite safe and easy to use.It is a system which especially has to be preferred for public area use.

- Hidden shears lifts: Those systems which are platform type are used in 3 to 4 step areas. They provide easy usage by being montaged hidden in the ground area. At the same time, they don’t damage the architectural structure by any means. Let’s touch upon the general technical details of those types of lifts;

- They are operated with remote controls.

- They are sensitive to the movement blocking objects with their safety sensors.

- Due to their batteries, they can even operate during the power cut times.

- They don’t require maintenance.

- They can be montaged to any kinds of stairs.

- They have digital indicators.

- In addition to those specifications we depicted, the company chosen for the duty is also important.The company has to be quick, reliable and be able to provide service as soon as possible when emergency occurs.For this reason, qualified and expert companies should be chosen.