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- As Yuka Elevators our sensibility of lifting the light weights as well as lifting the heaviest weights is known by anyone in the business.

- All the elevators we produce to be used in the fabrics,warehouses and parking lots work properly for heavy duties.

- In case of the freight lifts are built double speed, there might occur some floor leveling errors.For this reason,generrally we offer speed controlled elevators in order to meet with your demands.

- If there is no proper space left for the engine room,we install hydraulic drive weight and vehicle elevators with a small cuddy for middle height institutions.

- We, as Yuka Elevators, put in your service every kinds of high-technology products according to what kinds of objects you need to carry.

- Our doors can be semi-automatic or full-automatic according to your demands for height and width.

- For the weight and vehicle elevators, the materials must be chosen from non-slip materials. For this reason, as Yuka Elevators, our weight elevators’ floor parts are reinforced with special materials in order to supply support against high-capacity wheel loads.As for the cabin walls can be painted with any RAL colors according to your demands.

- Let’s try to bring it down how a freight lift works using the basic elements; weight elevators are used to lift the weights or change their positions.Generally, the weights are lifted to the desired level by using hydraulic systems or counter-weight principles.The liquids which are used in the hydraulic systems are pumped by the electric motors to the pistons which lift the weights .In those pistons,there are valves which enable the liquid to flow unidirectional.Freight lifts can have different varieties according to the weights they lift.

- The primary varieties and usage purposes for the freight lifts are those: hydraulic system freight lifts are designed with the purpose of transferring the weights from one place to another in the buildings which don’t have many floors.Hydraulic elevators as for their working principles, make minimum noise.Generally they are used to lift heavy weights in short distances.Their maintenance issues are few and their costs are low.Freight lifts with rope relatively to the hydraulic system elevators are used more to lift heavier weights to the further distances. - Ramped freight lifts are the elevators which are used to save space.The space they save is in order to the platforms which are used to lift weights are active.This type of freight lifts enable the user to fold the weight carrying platform and change the position.At last, the freight lifts described as scissor lifts are the larger lifts which are expected to carry heavier objects compared to the other types of elevators.Active weight lifting platforms move vertically.Generally, that type of elevators are used to lift the workers or working platforms to the higher levels.