Our policy is to make certain that our domestic and foreign customers are given quality products for their neccessities and expectation which are required quickly and economically. The key to the continuous success of our management is based on the quality of the products we produce and customer satisfaction.


To carry on our targeted community with our domestic and foreign customers and suppliers, to become a leader company in our sector by persistent growing with new products and R&D performances. In such a manner that customer satistaction is continuously followed up, and to make this goal permanent. Always being one step ahead, going beyond standards and expectations being a model and leading in the sector. Obtaining complete customer satisfaction by improving our products

and services continuously in accordance with customer expectations. Consistently imroving our costs and productivity to increase our competitiveness. In order to be able to make our company always successful now and future, to support employees development and to enable them to use their potential at the utmost level and to increase their involvement with a principled, responsible and motivating leadership. To support and improve flexible team works would be capable to meet the needs in accordance with the varying economical conditions.


To carry the customer satisfaction at the uppermost level by high standardized, qualified service. To respect to the time and rights of our customers. Enhancing the satisfaction and motivation of our employee. To fulfill our obligations towards humanity, environment and universal values. To keep our attribute of being one of the sample and pioneer companies in our sector by answering to our customers perfectly and promptly according to our quality objects and within the frame of total quality apprehension.